Friends of iVasi

"It has been a great pleasure to see the warranted growth and development of the "The Video Conductor." It is truly a valuable contribution to the music world; every serious conductor should take advantage of the priceless benefits of this remarkable tool. Satisfaction guaranteed...and even more."

Tim Lautzenheiser,
Executive Director of Education, Conn-Selmer, Inc.

The IVASI system has been an invaluable tool for our instrumental program. It exposes our young brass and wind players to valuable repertoire not covered by our Symphony Orchestra. IVASI is flexible for use by individuals preparing for auditions, or by any size of group. Thank you for creating such a useful educational tool for our students!

Dr. Paul Stevens
Horn Professor, University of Kansas

"The Video Conductor" (IVASI) has been used by the University of Wisconsin since the very beginning. So many of our students have enjoyed and grown immensely from their exposure to all of that great repertoire. Spending two to four years in a University Orchestra simply cannot provide the necessary experiences for a striving orchestral player. IVASI opens new worlds and provides valuable opportunities to hear and feel what it's like to play the music of the great composers. Thank you for creating and continuing such a major educational tool."

Douglas Hill, University of Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin was the first University to develope an actal class to perform with iVASI.

We have used the IVASI system at our summer horn workshops with great success. Participants, who have often never had the chance to play with a big orchestra, are thrilled to play what they have worked on for years in the practice room. Thank you for making this possible.

David and Heather Johnson

"I am an ardent believer in the IVASI system and a vocal fan of it. As a teacher it is an invaluable aid to teaching orchestral excerpts as if the student were in the ensemble; thereby learning the entire work not just the excerpt. As a performer, I can speak from my personal experience. Growing up in Northern New England, where the ability to hear live orchestras regularly was very limited, IVASI was my lifeline to understanding orchestral music beyond a surface level. It has been a major influence on my own success as an orchestral musician."

Andrew Pelletier, Principal Horn, Detroit Opera House, Ann Arbor Symphony,
Assistant Professor of Horn, Bowling Green State University

In the short time that even the most prestigious of schools has with its students, it is impossible to acquire the breadth of knowledge that is required in today's symphony orchestras. The IVASI system is an indispensable tool for learning orchestra repertoire that is important for every instrumentalist.

Steve Gross, DMA
Professor of Horn,  Director, Wind/Brass/Percussion Program  
University of California, Santa Barbara
Principal horn, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra

I have found this particular method invaluable and would personally like to thank you for the time and effort it took to put it together.
Miriyam Beth Karasik